Friday, 30 September 2016

A message for all those assholes that drive over animals and simply drive on

Here in good old South Africa people pretty much just do as they please. So many believe themselves to be above everyone else in this world, and because of that fact so many assholes think they can do whatever the hell they want without having to account for it later.

They don't believe in a higher power like God, or karma. Oh no, they can do just as they please, without ever having to say they are sorry or even flinching if they do something society (in previous years) used to regard as being unacceptable, or inhuman behaviour.

A conscience is nonexistent in these types of people. They would probably be able to put their own parents into institutions so that they can take their money without having the burden of looking after them in their old age. Their total fucked-up-ness is limitless. So much so that I see these breeds often driving over defenceless animals in the road, just because they couldn't be bothered to swerve out the way.

They don't give a single shit about the suffering of those creatures or the fact they have just taken an innocent life. If I ever had to drive over any living thing with my car (which would only happen if it was really, really out of my control), I would be shattered inside and it will take me years to get over it. Also, I would do everything in my power to try and save the poor creature. Then again, any decent actual human being would have the same outlook/reaction as me. 

Well, to those oxygen thieves (who kill defenceless creatures) I have this to say. Imagine you or one of your offspring/brats gets run over by a truck, driving like a bloody maniac with the sole intend of crushing you/them. 

Then picture yourself (or your brat) laying in the road, in the most unbearable pain imaginable, not understanding what you/they did to deserve this. Imagine losing total control of your bowels and bladder out of total fear and excruciating pain. The horror is indescribable. 

How does this make you feel now? Well since you are the worst scum on the planet I doubt you feel anything, so instead I am going to place a little curse on you. One day if karma serves its true purpose, you shall endure the most painful demise imaginable as retribution for each and every single creature you tortured/murdered. Then, even in the afterlife you shall find no peace until your soul finally caves and seeks forgiveness out of sincere regret and shame, and even then you are not guaranteed forgiveness. 

For fuck sake people, have compassion and respect all other living creatures. We don't own the damn planet you know. Every single living thing has just as much right as us to be here. So, develop a freaking conscious already and if you happen to hit something with your car do the decent bloody thing and stop to see if you can do anything to help the poor critter or ease its suffering at least. 

Have a heart and be human