Sunday, 31 July 2016

Social media is turning into an on-line whorehouse

Sorry for being so blunt in my post heading, but there is no better way to put it. Social media is indeed turning into an on-line whorehouse.  You cannot log onto any social media platform these days without finding profiles with pics of girls letting it all hang out, or posing real promiscuously, looking for male attention - some "professionally" (to further their careers as prostitutes) and some just because they like the attention being slutty gets them.

The men on some profiles are just as bad. I have actually seen a few pics (profiles) in which they (guys) are standing stark naked. How on earth they don't get blocked and banned is totally beyond me.

The public following these people (with their sickening profiles) get is absolutely dumbfounding. No one has any shame anymore, or any morals it seems! Maybe the end of days is truly near since if feels we are back in the age of Sodom and Gomorrah.... (and we all know how that turned out).

As if all of this wasn't bad enough, certain extremely popular networking sites allow their members to post all sorts of pornographic materials. I discovered this recently by accident (and to my total and utter disgust), whilst adding a self promo post for my blogs. These pics and videos too get many public comments and shares (the pornographic sh@t)!

Where are the days when people were actually ashamed and embarrassed about surfing/viewing porn? Has the human race become so utterly common and trashy that we don't even care anymore who can see us doing what?

I was reading the postings made on a teenage community page the other day (whilst doing self-promo postings for my "Academics Can Kill Your Sanity" blog yet again), and I felt the urge to reprimand all the "little sinful children". Why? Well because some very young kids, around the age of 15 or 16 (the average age for teen pregnancies these days, which is not surprising to me after reading some of the comments), were posting extremely vulgar and explicit content to each other.

No wonder youngsters have absolutely no morals and respect anymore! No one regulates or even seems to care what they are doing in their day to day lives these days! What they need is a good old fashioned spanking and to be grounded when they misbehave and have curfews no later than 10pm. You know, the good old fashioned, God fearing and moral abiding way of doing things. But wait, since when is it legal for minors to be involved in blatant, public, underage sexual online activity anyway? Exactly, it isn't! Yet the communities on which they do this are never banned or deleted! Oh the joyful and blessed world of the internet.

It is true that the internet and social media in general is extremely useful in this day and age, however maybe there should be more rules governing these? Or maybe it's just me being old fashioned in that I don't wish to throw my morals down the toilet.

Either way, it is a sad but true fact that social media is indeed turning into an on-line cesspool of immorality, so the question is, shouldn't we all be trying to do something to change this? Or is the human race already so messed up that all this is deemed as being "acceptable" or "no big deal"?

Think about it.


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