Thursday, 30 June 2016

Why we (as South Africans) need to vent and speak our minds

There is so much wrong in South Africa today, yet everyone remains silent because they feel their venting won't solve anything. That is where they are seriously mistaken. 

We are living in a great big mess of corruption, fraud, murder, rape, vandalism, burglary and unfathomably high costs of living, yet we keep silent. Have you ever thought that maybe if everyone learnt to speak up and complain to anyone who will listen, things might change? Why? Simply because the more we vent, the more worldwide awareness of our situations will grow, and maybe, just maybe one day other countries will stand up and try to help us in some or other way. Even just creating a more global/worldwide awareness about the huge problems in South Africa would be a good start. 

Not that we really need the rest of the world to "rescue" us and solve our issues mind you. We are more than capable of doing this ourselves, if we learn to freaking speak up against all the wrongs and stand together. But sadly, we all refuse to do these things. We are all too afraid and we don't have enough faith and confidence in ourselves. 

I was just reading about extreme vandalism (burning of buildings and objects) in Pretoria, again today. The news never reports on these things as we all already know, so why must we keep silent as well? How will the truth every get out if everyone refuses to reveal it? If we learn to speak up maybe we can learn to stand up and take control! How much more out of control must this country get before we realise that we (as the individuals who live in it) need to do something?

What is so sad to me is the fact that so many people are emigrating. Many of these emigrations are due to the fact that people can't survive in South Africa anymore with their incomes being raped so much by taxes and other ridiculous costs. Other emigrations are due to fear since we (South Africans) are pretty much forced to fend for and protect ourselves against crime. Yet we keep silent and don't try and change things. It is better for most to emigrate than it is to try and stay and solve some of this country's problems. We all have the power to bring change. Every single last one of us. All we need to do is to learn how to open our mouths and take a stand. 

God gave every single one of us a voice, use yours.


Note: Venting and speaking your mind is a great way of relieving stress and tension as well (which makes it a good health choice to boot)

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