Friday, 13 May 2016

The cyclist epidemic

Here in South Africa we have a huge problem when it comes to cyclists. Now I am not sure if other countries have to deal with these issues as well, but one thing I am sure of is that the epidemic of cyclists, who don't give a hell about other road users, is growing here in good old SA.

Look, I do understand that everyone has the right to use the roads, however what I can't stand is the fact that most cyclists act as if they own the whole damn road. Another thing (about cyclists) that I don't quite get is why on earth they have the need to cycle on the busiest roads at the busiest times of the day.

Most afternoons at 5pm cyclists can be found riding in the middle of all the busiest roads blocking traffic. If anyone dares hoot/blow their car horns at them, they simply just ignore (or swear at) the drivers. I mean the nerve! Best of all is the fact that our wonderful traffic officers are never in site to witness these goings on.

Some of our newspapers are even arrogant enough to post articles in which they crap out drivers (and the rest of the road users, such as pedestrians), making it seem as if cyclists are these poor little innocent victims on the roads for which no drivers (or pedestrians) have any compassion. Why not report on the negligence and arrogance of the cyclists?

The other day I was driving to the shops at around 6pm and was almost written off due to the idiotism of a bloody cyclist (riding his bike with earphones in his ears mind you). What happened is, I was turning right at a stop street when the cyclist (slash idiot) politely decided to skip the stop and proceed straight. I had to swerve sharply to avoid driving into him, almost rolling the car in the process.  The moron never even flinched or turned his head, he simply just rode on as if nothing happened. However, say the tables had turned and I was the one who skipped the stop, I probably would have been on the cover of every newspaper the next morning declaring what a selfish sod I am, and how I am a danger to civil society.

As if them (the cyclists) taking over all our roads wasn't bad enough, many have now proceeded to try and take over our busiest highways as well. They even have the added nerve of cycling next to each other. I mean come on! Why?

I am dead sure that cyclists can get just as much exercise (or whatever it is they cycle for) by riding on quiet back roads but yet somehow I doubt they will ever have the decency to do this, because I believe it is too much fun for most of them to work on our nerves.

If you are a cyclist (who is guilty of all the above-mentioned), please for the love of all that is good, have compassion and try and remember that our roads (all our roads) were primarily designed for cars (hence why they are so wide) - NOT so that you and your friends can cycle next to each other.

Have respect and do the decent thing (or else just sell your bloody bicycles and join a gym or buy an exercise bike).


PLEASE NOTE: Some cyclists are very courteous and actually adhere to the rules of the roads. This posting is not aimed at ALL cyclists, so please read it as it was intended.