Friday, 8 April 2016

Ugly to older people. Does the world have no shame?

People really don't give a damn about others any more (as I mentioned in a previous posting) and it made me absolutely sick yesterday to witness this yet again. So much so I just had to make another blog posting about this issue.

I was in a local grocery store and started walking towards the check-out (payments) points since I was done with my shopping. When I got closer I witnessed an older gentleman trying to find an open checkout point but all on that side of the shop were closed (another joy of South African living). The checkout ladies were however behind their cash registers, some having conversations with each other and others simply just wiping off and cleaning up their stations. Would it honestly have killed one of them not to ignore the man and open up their station for him? It's not like it would've been any real inconvenience for them since he (the older gentleman) only had three items in his cart.

Anyhow as I found an open station I proceeded to walk towards it, noticing the man following behind me very slowly. When he finally reached the cash register line I was standing in, I let him stand in front of me in the queue. He was so grateful for such a small gesture it almost made me cry. He was so sweet and frail that those standing behind me honestly didn't care that I let him stand in front of us.

In the meantime a checkout lady at the station next to ours decided to open up hers, but instead of calling the older gentleman to her station, she calls on the last person standing in our row. Ironically this was a very young lady, around the age of 20. She must have been the youngest person in all the queues at that point.

However, before this young lady could make her way, grocery cart in tow, to the newly opened station, a bitchy looking woman came out of nowhere and pushed in front of her. The poor young lady just stood there in shock but kept her mouth shut. After a brief pause of disbelief, she (the young lady) just pushed her cart to the side and walked out the shop in silence. The store staff just ignored this incident (even the store manager who was standing in front of the stations witnessed the whole scenario but chose to pretend he did not). I must say though that even though the behaviour of the bitch who pushed in was awful, the young lady in a way deserved this since I honestly feel she should of called the old man to take her place at the newly opened register. Yet again, the bitch that pushed her (the young lady) would have probably also just pushed him out the way too.

By the time this all played out, our queue had finally moved up to the point that the old man was next in line. Then, another shocker. A second woman appeared out of nowhere and claimed to have been standing in the row long before us, but decided to quickly go and get something else in the shop. She said; "someone must have pushed my cart out of the row", and pointed to a shopping cart that was standing next to our queue. Not even a sorry or any other type of civilised human interaction came out of this cow's mouth. I said to her loudly; "if you leave the row, you forfeit your space". Naturally she just ignored me and proceeded. Again, the staff of the store kept silent, pretended not to notice anything and let the woman do as she pleased. She paid, had the nerve to give us all a dirty look and left.

Eventually the poor old man had his turn. He looked as if he was in such pain at this point, which is not surprising since he was forced to stand for so long. He greeted everyone in a very friendly manner and left. Only I greeted back.

It is really sickening how people can't even act civilised and decent in the most basic of public places such as shops. The world has really gone to hell in a hand basket. Even one hour spent in a store can reveal so much nastiness, unfairness and cruelty.

Didn't everyone's parents teach them to have respect for others? ESPECIALLY older people? That old man had such impeccable manners yet he got treated like shit.

I honestly hope karma bites all the jerks of that day in the ass.

It has become a very sad world indeed.