Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Why don't people give a damn about each other anymore? Get your act together and change things!

I remember the good old days, way back when people still cared about their fellow man. How wonderful those years were and everyone seemed so much happier back then too. 

These days however things are very different and I simply cannot understand why. Have we as humans lost all feeling and compassion for others? Most people don't even seem to give a hoot about their own families (and friends) anymore, never mind total strangers. 

Any typical day will comprise some or other form of bad treatment from others or worse yet, us treating others badly. We all do it. Swearing and showing obscene gestures in heavy traffic, rude treatment and behaviour towards others at work, ignoring our neighbours as we get home etcetera. These are just a few examples and I could add a thousand more. What do we get out of this though? Are we really so evil that we can say satisfaction? 

Even at home and/or in our personal lives we are horrid. Spouses and siblings argue more than ever, people ignore phone calls and/or make excuses when family members want to visit and no one seems to have time for their so called friends either these days. 

It all seems so pointless. Why, why, why???? Why the hell can't things be the way they used to? Will it really kill us to show kindness, keep our tempers in check, control our holier than thou attitudes, and make some time for others? 

Why can't we make that much needed time for family and friends? Come on people, I know we are all busy but really, surely we can find some time on weekends or even in the evenings. Nothing in life can keep us busy for 24 hours straight. 

Visit your parents or siblings more often, have more evenings out and barbecues with friends. Get a life that includes those you care about! For goodness sake wake up and realise that no one lives forever. One day you will be sorry you did not spend more time with those you care about. This is not a quoted cliché, but a real warning to stop and have a reality check. I have lost so many important people in my life and I would do anything to have a chance just to see them again, even if it is just for one minute. 

When you walk into a shop, business, restaurant or any public place, kill those around you with kindness, even if you get a negative response back. At some point your treatment of others will rub off on them. Kindness is contagious as is cruelty. Be a part of the solution and not a pathogen spreading the disease. Do this for just a week and I swear you will feel so much better about yourself and your stress levels will drop substantially. 

Life in South Africa (and worldwide for that matter), is hard enough as it is people. Let's not exhibit behaviours and patterns that make things even harder for ourselves and others.

Get a (real) life and start to give a damn!

Monday, 7 March 2016

Overtaxed And Underpaid - The Huge Problem

So it's that glorious season again where we all can look forward to being scr@wed over a little more. It's tax raising time, and boy oh boy, what a huge shock this hike has been, even though you think we would all be used to it by now.

As it is, we can barely survive in good old S.A so heck alone knows how on earth we are all going to adjust to the latest tax hikes.

It would offer a little comfort if we could actually see where the tax goes. I don't know if you can because I sure as hell can't.

It is definitely not being used for education, since I have never seen so many public schools in a worse condition than they are now. Okay it is true the government does issue bursaries to some university students but what about our primary and high schools?

It is definitely not being used to fix our roads because the potholes have become lakes fuller than the rivers are after the drought. Not only that but the decent roads have become toll roads so the monies we pay for that are supposedly for the upkeep of them. Why is our tax money not used for this? Why must we have toll roads in order to have decent roads.

It is definitely not being spent on health services because our state hospitals are so dilapidated they look worse than buildings hit by a tsunami.

The list goes on and on, and frankly I am sick and tired of it. Everyone is just getting poorer and poorer. Our salaries don't grow enough per year to even keep up with inflation and then we still have to deal with constant tax hikes and other little crappy surprises. How long does our government think it can go on like this? I see a huge economy crash in the future.

Even if by some miracle the economy doesn't crash, how on earth can it ever grow? How can job creation take place if no one can freaking afford to start any type of business or even purchase a franchise anymore? People simply don't have the money to use as a deposit or to pay their business loan payments until their businesses kick off, all because the current cost of living (and the fact that everything has a tax implication in S.A) is ridiculous. Also, since the business owners in S.A get taxed so much I don't see how their businesses can grow or even survive for that matter in the long run.

Most people in this country are in so much debt already (due to not being able to survive as is on their current incomes), so how does raising the taxes and everything else for that matter make any kind of sense? It simply doesn't.

I am so surprised to see that no petitions have been created to try and lower taxes and I am seriously considering starting one. Yet I somehow know that a whole bunch of people are going to be all negative about it and say stupid things like; "the taxes must remain high so that the government can help the poor". If this were true then great, keep the taxes high, only it isn't and I dare anyone to tell me it is. If the government actually really helped the poor people in this country then the economy would be a hell of a lot stronger and more people would be self-supporting by now. Wake up and face it people, higher taxes are not helping anyone, not even the poor. It is simple, if the taxes weren't so high, more businesses would pop up and therefore more jobs which equals less unemployed/poor people needing the governments pathetic so called support.

Also, I am not really sure a petition would help in anyhow (which is probably also the reason I have not started one yet), because frankly South African's cannot stick together when it counts and this is so sad since together we can bring so much change.

Good luck to all my fellow South Africans (and the rest of the world in countries that tax them to death). My heart really goes out to all of you and trust me I feel your pain. Here's hoping we survive 2016.