Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The curse of crappy electricians and contractors in South Africa - Be warned!

Quite a while ago we renovated our house at a great cost. The mental anguish and trauma we had to endure plus the major financial raping session, is something we won't be getting over in this lifetime. Never again will I make use of a so called "contractor" unless he is someone that can show me a major list of recommendation and referrals from happy customers - (and even then, I admit, I am going to be scared as hell).

It all started when we decided to add a gym section onto our house so that we wouldn't have to endure the local gym's smells of sweaty armpits and sweaty balls. It seemed like a simple enough plan. Only one room had to be built on, on the side of our bedroom. While we were at it, we decided to have an extra wall built, splitting our overly huge bedroom into a walk-in-closet and smaller main bedroom.

All in all the whole plan included the building of five walls (of which only four would need a foundation, ceiling woodwork/structure, ceiling board and roof tiles), the removal of one window and the addition of two doors and a window. Sounds simple enough, right? WRONG!

What should have been a fairly straightforward, simple renovation turned into weeks and weeks of hell, as well as a feat that almost financially ruined us! I should've learnt my lesson from past renovations, but no. Once bitten should've been twice shy, however it seems I had to not only hit my head before I learnt my lesson, I practically needed to have it cut off at the neck!

See, the shit started from week one. We gave the guy (who calls himself a "contractor") the percentage of the money as agreed upon beforehand, so that he could buy all the materials needed. Surprise, surprise when he came back to us a week later, informing us that he "misjudged" himself in his quotation and that he would need more of the total money agreed upon for the job, so that he could "finish buying" all he needed.

Naturally we were a bit peeved, but what could we do? The so called law works in such a way, that if we tried to kick this guy to the curb, and then sue him for our money back, we would land up not receiving a dry cent out of the whole fiasco. Also, we would most likely land up being held liable for paying HIS legal costs as well in the end of the day, -even if we "won" the so called case (we learnt this in a previous experience with a renter that ruined our house and left outstanding municipal debts on the property - long story, will do a separate posting about this).

The law is definitely not on the side of the victim!

So, deciding we were in this thing now one way or another till the bitter end, we bit our top lips and gave him what he asked for. Guess what happened next? This scene played out almost every single week since then! The guy kept needing more and more of the money. Eventually all the agreed upon monies were paid to him and we were only halfway with the building job! I had half walls, no doors, no windows, nada.

Yet again, what could we do? We sought legal advice at this point and as we suspected, it would work us out much cheaper just trying to get the job done, than it would trying to sue the jerk or sending him packing. The law was on his side! As mentioned above, the law seems to be on the side of the criminals in this backward, banana republic of ours.

Fine, we kept smiling and playing nice. Eventually we were begging the ass to try and build a bit faster, as our bedroom was now open and exposed to the elements of nature (with little more than black bags covering the huge hole in the side of it).

Then came even more excuses. They started building even slower and leaving earlier and earlier every day. This went on for what felt like forever! At some point hubby and I were even helping the ass! Our agony went on for ages and the leech just kept smiling all the way to the bank, doing just as he pleased in the process with the knowledge that we could do absolutely "sweet blou fokkol" to him.

In the end our room had been painted in cheap OUTDOOR, rough as hell paint. We also had a cheap pressed wood door leading into the walk in cupboard, and a second hand window graced the newly build gym. As if all that wasn't enough, the rubber floor tiles installed in the gym were bubbling up and lifting at the interlocked joints, and the gyms ceiling was skew! However we were just glad the oxygen thief was finished! We bid him farewell, almost three months later than expected and at double the cost. -On and interesting added note, the fuck-up never even offered to fix his numerous mistakes and we never saw him, or heard from him ever again.

Alas though, this was not the end of it all! We landed up needing to rip out the rubber floors and installing a wall to wall carpet (which was done horrifically skew and which is now also lifting), in the gym, due to the way the rubber floors were lifting.

A few months after the job was "completed" (-and I use that term very loosely), all the walls started cracking and pulling away from each other in/at the corners (because they weren't joined together properly) and a doorway that was built closed, started opening up again because the walls were cracking at the seams of where they were added to the existing opening/walls.

Then, a few more months down the line, the laminate wood flooring piece he installed in our room, started cracking and lifting up too. The list of problems and errors goes on and on. Absolutely nothing and I really mean NOTHING this guy did was done properly! I don't know how the hell he can be registered as a contractor (in fact I am starting to think that is something he might have faked).

Now, for the electrical part of things. A month after the guy finished, the electrical wiring in the room burnt out, so we had to have all the wires cut. I now have a gym and walk-in without any working plugs. We have since had a local electrician come out to check things out, however when he learnt that hubby and I are claustrophobic and therefore won't ever climb up into the ceiling, the alcohol-on- his-breath-wash-out claimed we would have to rewire over 90% of the house because all the electrical (of the whole house according to him) had been messed up. He was very rude and half crapped us out, telling us we HAVE to do it through him and we have to do it now!

He charged us R2000 just to climb into the ceiling that day, so there was no way I would trust this guy (since in the first instance, how the hell can one room's electrical addition gone wrong, fuck up a whole houses wiring?), without getting a second or even maybe a third and fourth opinion on the matter (as no one can be trusted this day and age - everyone is just out for M O N E Y).

We have since phoned numerous electricians and to this day not one has rocked up! 

Now recently, we have come to learn that all the ceiling wood work done by the "contractor" was done incorrectly and therefore our roof tiles would leak forever as they would never slant correctly. We were naturally advised by a roofing company to redo the whole section of roof. Lol, I must add that the same roofing company advised us to take off the whole houses roof tiles and have them re-laid, since according to them, all our roof's tiles were laid wrong! Boy, I had no idea my "whole house was such a mess".

Therefore people my advice to you is to really learn something out of all this. I am not the only one who has had horrifying experiences. Unless you feel like being hundreds of thousands of rands' poorer, never ever have any work done on your house, UNLESS you are 150% sure about the legitimacy of the guy you are getting, and even then, demand at least 50 references from people he completed jobs for.

Finding someone like that (as described in the paragraph above) is going to be extremely difficult to find in this country of ours, so good luck to you. Also, be wary of all plumbers, electricians, roofers, et cetera et cetera. Especially if you live in an upper class neighbourhood! Then you are seen as an endless fountain of money, even though they have no clue how the real world works.

They will see you as someone who basically just has to push a piece of plastic into any ATM and endless supplies of cash will come pouring out.

So people, when the urge to renovate bites you, have a stiff drink or two, advertise your house privately (since many estate agents make a fortune off of you for not doing much), sell it and rather buy one that suits your needs better. Lord knows that although selling and moving is a lot of work, it is definitely better than trying to renovate in good ol' SA. - Just be careful of who does your electrical certifications before the sale ;-)


PLEASE NOTE: Some electricians and contractors are fair, honest and deliver good work. This posting is not aimed at ALL electricians and contractors, so please read it as it was intended. 

Friday, 30 September 2016

A message for all those assholes that drive over animals and simply drive on

Here in good old South Africa people pretty much just do as they please. So many believe themselves to be above everyone else in this world, and because of that fact so many assholes think they can do whatever the hell they want without having to account for it later.

They don't believe in a higher power like God, or karma. Oh no, they can do just as they please, without ever having to say they are sorry or even flinching if they do something society (in previous years) used to regard as being unacceptable, or inhuman behaviour.

A conscience is nonexistent in these types of people. They would probably be able to put their own parents into institutions so that they can take their money without having the burden of looking after them in their old age. Their total fucked-up-ness is limitless. So much so that I see these breeds often driving over defenceless animals in the road, just because they couldn't be bothered to swerve out the way.

They don't give a single shit about the suffering of those creatures or the fact they have just taken an innocent life. If I ever had to drive over any living thing with my car (which would only happen if it was really, really out of my control), I would be shattered inside and it will take me years to get over it. Also, I would do everything in my power to try and save the poor creature. Then again, any decent actual human being would have the same outlook/reaction as me. 

Well, to those oxygen thieves (who kill defenceless creatures) I have this to say. Imagine you or one of your offspring/brats gets run over by a truck, driving like a bloody maniac with the sole intend of crushing you/them. 

Then picture yourself (or your brat) laying in the road, in the most unbearable pain imaginable, not understanding what you/they did to deserve this. Imagine losing total control of your bowels and bladder out of total fear and excruciating pain. The horror is indescribable. 

How does this make you feel now? Well since you are the worst scum on the planet I doubt you feel anything, so instead I am going to place a little curse on you. One day if karma serves its true purpose, you shall endure the most painful demise imaginable as retribution for each and every single creature you tortured/murdered. Then, even in the afterlife you shall find no peace until your soul finally caves and seeks forgiveness out of sincere regret and shame, and even then you are not guaranteed forgiveness. 

For fuck sake people, have compassion and respect all other living creatures. We don't own the damn planet you know. Every single living thing has just as much right as us to be here. So, develop a freaking conscious already and if you happen to hit something with your car do the decent bloody thing and stop to see if you can do anything to help the poor critter or ease its suffering at least. 

Have a heart and be human


Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Holier-than-thou people and their horrible attitudes

In this day and age, so many assholes think they are the world's most important people. Total royalty, for whom the earth itself was created (which is probably why they tend to have no respect for the planet either). 

They take over the whole road when they drive (doing as they please in the process), they treat everyone around them like total shit, they gossip about everyone and everything, they pollute the planet, they waste everything from water to food, they cuss, they believe everyone is wrong but themselves etc. etc. etc. etc. - I could go on with the list all night.

So just why am I bringing up the topic of these oxygen thieves? Well, because I cannot understand why everyone keeps letting them get away with it! The only reason they are such jerks is because they haven't been disciplined yet. 

Disciplined? Yes, disciplined, by getting a taste of their own bloody medicine from others. How? By doing some of the following things for example:

1. If they drive you off the road, turn your car around, take a deep breath, catch up to them and proceed to drive them off the road - (into a shallow ditch if at all possible).
2. If they have a crap attitude towards you, display an even worse attitude towards them (and I mean as in go postal on their asses).
3. If they cannot keep their nose out of your business and have an opinion about everything you do, find out some dishy secrets about them and proceed to give them hell about it.
4. If they throw crap on your pavement, and you know who they are and where they live, proceed to take a real crap on their pavement's.

Okay, so hopefully now you all get the big picture. If people are jerks (which has become the norm these days), be an even bigger jerk towards them. This is the only way to get some balance back into the world (as well as sanity). Retaliation is the key, so whatever you do, don't just sit back and take their treatment and behaviour. 

People need to start acting like human beings again, who were raised with morals and a sense of right and wrong, as well as an inborn respect for others. If not, then the world will truly go to hell (even more than it already has I am afraid). 

Wouldn't it be nice to go back to the way things were even 20 years ago? Friendliness, helpfulness and kindness from your fellow man, displayed on a daily and constant basis (and not just when they want something from you). 

Well then, follow my advice and who knows, maybe together we can end the epidemic of chronic assholism that is slowly but surely taking over our world.


Sunday, 31 July 2016

Social media is turning into an on-line whorehouse

Sorry for being so blunt in my post heading, but there is no better way to put it. Social media is indeed turning into an on-line whorehouse.  You cannot log onto any social media platform these days without finding profiles with pics of girls letting it all hang out, or posing real promiscuously, looking for male attention - some "professionally" (to further their careers as prostitutes) and some just because they like the attention being slutty gets them.

The men on some profiles are just as bad. I have actually seen a few pics (profiles) in which they (guys) are standing stark naked. How on earth they don't get blocked and banned is totally beyond me.

The public following these people (with their sickening profiles) get is absolutely dumbfounding. No one has any shame anymore, or any morals it seems! Maybe the end of days is truly near since if feels we are back in the age of Sodom and Gomorrah.... (and we all know how that turned out).

As if all of this wasn't bad enough, certain extremely popular networking sites allow their members to post all sorts of pornographic materials. I discovered this recently by accident (and to my total and utter disgust), whilst adding a self promo post for my blogs. These pics and videos too get many public comments and shares (the pornographic sh@t)!

Where are the days when people were actually ashamed and embarrassed about surfing/viewing porn? Has the human race become so utterly common and trashy that we don't even care anymore who can see us doing what?

I was reading the postings made on a teenage community page the other day (whilst doing self-promo postings for my "Academics Can Kill Your Sanity" blog yet again), and I felt the urge to reprimand all the "little sinful children". Why? Well because some very young kids, around the age of 15 or 16 (the average age for teen pregnancies these days, which is not surprising to me after reading some of the comments), were posting extremely vulgar and explicit content to each other.

No wonder youngsters have absolutely no morals and respect anymore! No one regulates or even seems to care what they are doing in their day to day lives these days! What they need is a good old fashioned spanking and to be grounded when they misbehave and have curfews no later than 10pm. You know, the good old fashioned, God fearing and moral abiding way of doing things. But wait, since when is it legal for minors to be involved in blatant, public, underage sexual online activity anyway? Exactly, it isn't! Yet the communities on which they do this are never banned or deleted! Oh the joyful and blessed world of the internet.

It is true that the internet and social media in general is extremely useful in this day and age, however maybe there should be more rules governing these? Or maybe it's just me being old fashioned in that I don't wish to throw my morals down the toilet.

Either way, it is a sad but true fact that social media is indeed turning into an on-line cesspool of immorality, so the question is, shouldn't we all be trying to do something to change this? Or is the human race already so messed up that all this is deemed as being "acceptable" or "no big deal"?

Think about it.


Thursday, 30 June 2016

Why we (as South Africans) need to vent and speak our minds

There is so much wrong in South Africa today, yet everyone remains silent because they feel their venting won't solve anything. That is where they are seriously mistaken. 

We are living in a great big mess of corruption, fraud, murder, rape, vandalism, burglary and unfathomably high costs of living, yet we keep silent. Have you ever thought that maybe if everyone learnt to speak up and complain to anyone who will listen, things might change? Why? Simply because the more we vent, the more worldwide awareness of our situations will grow, and maybe, just maybe one day other countries will stand up and try to help us in some or other way. Even just creating a more global/worldwide awareness about the huge problems in South Africa would be a good start. 

Not that we really need the rest of the world to "rescue" us and solve our issues mind you. We are more than capable of doing this ourselves, if we learn to freaking speak up against all the wrongs and stand together. But sadly, we all refuse to do these things. We are all too afraid and we don't have enough faith and confidence in ourselves. 

I was just reading about extreme vandalism (burning of buildings and objects) in Pretoria, again today. The news never reports on these things as we all already know, so why must we keep silent as well? How will the truth every get out if everyone refuses to reveal it? If we learn to speak up maybe we can learn to stand up and take control! How much more out of control must this country get before we realise that we (as the individuals who live in it) need to do something?

What is so sad to me is the fact that so many people are emigrating. Many of these emigrations are due to the fact that people can't survive in South Africa anymore with their incomes being raped so much by taxes and other ridiculous costs. Other emigrations are due to fear since we (South Africans) are pretty much forced to fend for and protect ourselves against crime. Yet we keep silent and don't try and change things. It is better for most to emigrate than it is to try and stay and solve some of this country's problems. We all have the power to bring change. Every single last one of us. All we need to do is to learn how to open our mouths and take a stand. 

God gave every single one of us a voice, use yours.


Note: Venting and speaking your mind is a great way of relieving stress and tension as well (which makes it a good health choice to boot)

Friday, 13 May 2016

The cyclist epidemic

Here in South Africa we have a huge problem when it comes to cyclists. Now I am not sure if other countries have to deal with these issues as well, but one thing I am sure of is that the epidemic of cyclists, who don't give a hell about other road users, is growing here in good old SA.

Look, I do understand that everyone has the right to use the roads, however what I can't stand is the fact that most cyclists act as if they own the whole damn road. Another thing (about cyclists) that I don't quite get is why on earth they have the need to cycle on the busiest roads at the busiest times of the day.

Most afternoons at 5pm cyclists can be found riding in the middle of all the busiest roads blocking traffic. If anyone dares hoot/blow their car horns at them, they simply just ignore (or swear at) the drivers. I mean the nerve! Best of all is the fact that our wonderful traffic officers are never in site to witness these goings on.

Some of our newspapers are even arrogant enough to post articles in which they crap out drivers (and the rest of the road users, such as pedestrians), making it seem as if cyclists are these poor little innocent victims on the roads for which no drivers (or pedestrians) have any compassion. Why not report on the negligence and arrogance of the cyclists?

The other day I was driving to the shops at around 6pm and was almost written off due to the idiotism of a bloody cyclist (riding his bike with earphones in his ears mind you). What happened is, I was turning right at a stop street when the cyclist (slash idiot) politely decided to skip the stop and proceed straight. I had to swerve sharply to avoid driving into him, almost rolling the car in the process.  The moron never even flinched or turned his head, he simply just rode on as if nothing happened. However, say the tables had turned and I was the one who skipped the stop, I probably would have been on the cover of every newspaper the next morning declaring what a selfish sod I am, and how I am a danger to civil society.

As if them (the cyclists) taking over all our roads wasn't bad enough, many have now proceeded to try and take over our busiest highways as well. They even have the added nerve of cycling next to each other. I mean come on! Why?

I am dead sure that cyclists can get just as much exercise (or whatever it is they cycle for) by riding on quiet back roads but yet somehow I doubt they will ever have the decency to do this, because I believe it is too much fun for most of them to work on our nerves.

If you are a cyclist (who is guilty of all the above-mentioned), please for the love of all that is good, have compassion and try and remember that our roads (all our roads) were primarily designed for cars (hence why they are so wide) - NOT so that you and your friends can cycle next to each other.

Have respect and do the decent thing (or else just sell your bloody bicycles and join a gym or buy an exercise bike).


PLEASE NOTE: Some cyclists are very courteous and actually adhere to the rules of the roads. This posting is not aimed at ALL cyclists, so please read it as it was intended. 

Friday, 8 April 2016

Ugly to older people. Does the world have no shame?

People really don't give a damn about others any more (as I mentioned in a previous posting) and it made me absolutely sick yesterday to witness this yet again. So much so I just had to make another blog posting about this issue.

I was in a local grocery store and started walking towards the check-out (payments) points since I was done with my shopping. When I got closer I witnessed an older gentleman trying to find an open checkout point but all on that side of the shop were closed (another joy of South African living). The checkout ladies were however behind their cash registers, some having conversations with each other and others simply just wiping off and cleaning up their stations. Would it honestly have killed one of them not to ignore the man and open up their station for him? It's not like it would've been any real inconvenience for them since he (the older gentleman) only had three items in his cart.

Anyhow as I found an open station I proceeded to walk towards it, noticing the man following behind me very slowly. When he finally reached the cash register line I was standing in, I let him stand in front of me in the queue. He was so grateful for such a small gesture it almost made me cry. He was so sweet and frail that those standing behind me honestly didn't care that I let him stand in front of us.

In the meantime a checkout lady at the station next to ours decided to open up hers, but instead of calling the older gentleman to her station, she calls on the last person standing in our row. Ironically this was a very young lady, around the age of 20. She must have been the youngest person in all the queues at that point.

However, before this young lady could make her way, grocery cart in tow, to the newly opened station, a bitchy looking woman came out of nowhere and pushed in front of her. The poor young lady just stood there in shock but kept her mouth shut. After a brief pause of disbelief, she (the young lady) just pushed her cart to the side and walked out the shop in silence. The store staff just ignored this incident (even the store manager who was standing in front of the stations witnessed the whole scenario but chose to pretend he did not). I must say though that even though the behaviour of the bitch who pushed in was awful, the young lady in a way deserved this since I honestly feel she should of called the old man to take her place at the newly opened register. Yet again, the bitch that pushed her (the young lady) would have probably also just pushed him out the way too.

By the time this all played out, our queue had finally moved up to the point that the old man was next in line. Then, another shocker. A second woman appeared out of nowhere and claimed to have been standing in the row long before us, but decided to quickly go and get something else in the shop. She said; "someone must have pushed my cart out of the row", and pointed to a shopping cart that was standing next to our queue. Not even a sorry or any other type of civilised human interaction came out of this cow's mouth. I said to her loudly; "if you leave the row, you forfeit your space". Naturally she just ignored me and proceeded. Again, the staff of the store kept silent, pretended not to notice anything and let the woman do as she pleased. She paid, had the nerve to give us all a dirty look and left.

Eventually the poor old man had his turn. He looked as if he was in such pain at this point, which is not surprising since he was forced to stand for so long. He greeted everyone in a very friendly manner and left. Only I greeted back.

It is really sickening how people can't even act civilised and decent in the most basic of public places such as shops. The world has really gone to hell in a hand basket. Even one hour spent in a store can reveal so much nastiness, unfairness and cruelty.

Didn't everyone's parents teach them to have respect for others? ESPECIALLY older people? That old man had such impeccable manners yet he got treated like shit.

I honestly hope karma bites all the jerks of that day in the ass.

It has become a very sad world indeed.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Why don't people give a damn about each other anymore? Get your act together and change things!

I remember the good old days, way back when people still cared about their fellow man. How wonderful those years were and everyone seemed so much happier back then too. 

These days however things are very different and I simply cannot understand why. Have we as humans lost all feeling and compassion for others? Most people don't even seem to give a hoot about their own families (and friends) anymore, never mind total strangers. 

Any typical day will comprise some or other form of bad treatment from others or worse yet, us treating others badly. We all do it. Swearing and showing obscene gestures in heavy traffic, rude treatment and behaviour towards others at work, ignoring our neighbours as we get home etcetera. These are just a few examples and I could add a thousand more. What do we get out of this though? Are we really so evil that we can say satisfaction? 

Even at home and/or in our personal lives we are horrid. Spouses and siblings argue more than ever, people ignore phone calls and/or make excuses when family members want to visit and no one seems to have time for their so called friends either these days. 

It all seems so pointless. Why, why, why???? Why the hell can't things be the way they used to? Will it really kill us to show kindness, keep our tempers in check, control our holier than thou attitudes, and make some time for others? 

Why can't we make that much needed time for family and friends? Come on people, I know we are all busy but really, surely we can find some time on weekends or even in the evenings. Nothing in life can keep us busy for 24 hours straight. 

Visit your parents or siblings more often, have more evenings out and barbecues with friends. Get a life that includes those you care about! For goodness sake wake up and realise that no one lives forever. One day you will be sorry you did not spend more time with those you care about. This is not a quoted cliché, but a real warning to stop and have a reality check. I have lost so many important people in my life and I would do anything to have a chance just to see them again, even if it is just for one minute. 

When you walk into a shop, business, restaurant or any public place, kill those around you with kindness, even if you get a negative response back. At some point your treatment of others will rub off on them. Kindness is contagious as is cruelty. Be a part of the solution and not a pathogen spreading the disease. Do this for just a week and I swear you will feel so much better about yourself and your stress levels will drop substantially. 

Life in South Africa (and worldwide for that matter), is hard enough as it is people. Let's not exhibit behaviours and patterns that make things even harder for ourselves and others.

Get a (real) life and start to give a damn!

Monday, 7 March 2016

Overtaxed And Underpaid - The Huge Problem

So it's that glorious season again where we all can look forward to being scr@wed over a little more. It's tax raising time, and boy oh boy, what a huge shock this hike has been, even though you think we would all be used to it by now.

As it is, we can barely survive in good old S.A so heck alone knows how on earth we are all going to adjust to the latest tax hikes.

It would offer a little comfort if we could actually see where the tax goes. I don't know if you can because I sure as hell can't.

It is definitely not being used for education, since I have never seen so many public schools in a worse condition than they are now. Okay it is true the government does issue bursaries to some university students but what about our primary and high schools?

It is definitely not being used to fix our roads because the potholes have become lakes fuller than the rivers are after the drought. Not only that but the decent roads have become toll roads so the monies we pay for that are supposedly for the upkeep of them. Why is our tax money not used for this? Why must we have toll roads in order to have decent roads.

It is definitely not being spent on health services because our state hospitals are so dilapidated they look worse than buildings hit by a tsunami.

The list goes on and on, and frankly I am sick and tired of it. Everyone is just getting poorer and poorer. Our salaries don't grow enough per year to even keep up with inflation and then we still have to deal with constant tax hikes and other little crappy surprises. How long does our government think it can go on like this? I see a huge economy crash in the future.

Even if by some miracle the economy doesn't crash, how on earth can it ever grow? How can job creation take place if no one can freaking afford to start any type of business or even purchase a franchise anymore? People simply don't have the money to use as a deposit or to pay their business loan payments until their businesses kick off, all because the current cost of living (and the fact that everything has a tax implication in S.A) is ridiculous. Also, since the business owners in S.A get taxed so much I don't see how their businesses can grow or even survive for that matter in the long run.

Most people in this country are in so much debt already (due to not being able to survive as is on their current incomes), so how does raising the taxes and everything else for that matter make any kind of sense? It simply doesn't.

I am so surprised to see that no petitions have been created to try and lower taxes and I am seriously considering starting one. Yet I somehow know that a whole bunch of people are going to be all negative about it and say stupid things like; "the taxes must remain high so that the government can help the poor". If this were true then great, keep the taxes high, only it isn't and I dare anyone to tell me it is. If the government actually really helped the poor people in this country then the economy would be a hell of a lot stronger and more people would be self-supporting by now. Wake up and face it people, higher taxes are not helping anyone, not even the poor. It is simple, if the taxes weren't so high, more businesses would pop up and therefore more jobs which equals less unemployed/poor people needing the governments pathetic so called support.

Also, I am not really sure a petition would help in anyhow (which is probably also the reason I have not started one yet), because frankly South African's cannot stick together when it counts and this is so sad since together we can bring so much change.

Good luck to all my fellow South Africans (and the rest of the world in countries that tax them to death). My heart really goes out to all of you and trust me I feel your pain. Here's hoping we survive 2016.